The Right Temperature for a Wine Cooler


How to check the right temperature of the wine cooler is straightforward, as long as you follow the storage instructions on the wine.

How to set the temperature with the wine cooler?

The heat can ruin the aromas and flavours of the wine. Best wine coolers maintain the temperature of the liquid inside the bottles. If you want to cool your drink, you can use your cooler to maintain its temperature.

The air is usually conveyed from a wine cooler via a cooler box explicitly created to match wine bottles. These boxes are generally made of glass, copper, and stainless steel to match any taste of any wine stored inside. They also have locks to prevent the collection of air bubbles and maintain the atmosphere’s temperature inside. This also prevents the evaporation of any sediments that could ruin the essence of the wine.

A wine cooler is a device used to cool the atmosphere. It is an automated machine that comes with a connected hose connected directly to the refrigeration system. The tube has adjustable nozzles at the end, which release the fresh air to the connected cooler. There are some differences between refrigeration systems that have a built-in water chiller and those that don’t, plus there are differences in the amount of space they take up.

A wine cooler is a vital tool if you like to store your wines at a specific temperature. It ensures that your wines are well maintained, preserving most of the taste, aroma, and sweetness. If the air temperature surrounding your wine bottles is too high, they will begin to lose their flavour. If it is too low, wines can start to oxidise. It is essential to know more about the proper way to store wine.

How to set the temperature of the wine cooler to be comfortable for you is something you will want to understand. Here is the only way to properly save your wines to enjoy them once you properly sit down to a meal.

Right wine cooler temperature for each type of wine

It is important to know how to differentiate the types of wines since, depending on their nature, they will need more or less cold. It is not the same to drink a white as a red. Each one requires a different temperature. The wine cooler has to be set at the serving temperature of the wine.

  1.  Sparkling wines such as champagne should be drunk between 6-8°C to maintain freshness. If we drink them at higher temperatures, carbon dioxide and bubbles will be more powerful.
  2. Sweet wines, such as muscatels, should be drunk between 6-8°C. At higher temperatures, the sweetness increases, and the wine can be cloying.
  3. Fresh white wines are characterised by acidity, and, like sweet, acidity at elevated temperatures becomes unpleasant. It must be taken at 8-10°C so that the acidity is fresh.
  4. Fino and manzanilla wines should be drunk between 8-10°C, as well as fresh white wines.
  5. White wines aged or fermented in barrels are not like the fresh ones that are drunk after a year and a half or two years. In this case, the wine is aged in the barrel to increase its nuances. You need to know what temperature should white wine be served at to bring out those nuances generated during ageing. It must be taken at a higher temperature, around 11-13°C.
  6. Roses are situated between whites and reds since they have some characteristics of both. They should also be taken at a temperature between 11-13°C.
  7. Red wines are divided into two groups. The young should be taken at 12-14°C and the aged at 16-18°C.

Never set the temperature of a wine cooler above 20°C. From that temperature, the alcohol volatilises and can mask all the aromas of the wine.

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