On Trips and Trainings: Lessons and Life Skills Learned Best Through Travel

For a curious person, learning and instruction are the two best things in the world. And for a traveller, nothing is more exciting than travelling to places and learning while on the road. But do you still have doubts about living life and learning while travelling? Are you worried about being lost and not getting along well with other people? If yes, you actually have the option to stay with a host family or group of friends, such as the programs offered at https://www.campus.com.au/. The following are more reasons for you to go out of the comforts of the classroom, widen your horizon, and visit a different country to study and travel.

  1. The value of humility

As you travel, you’ll appreciate how little the space you occupy on Earth. In a world of 7 continents, you’ll discover that you’re merely one of the 7 billion people alive today. The diversity of the human race and geography are reasons enough for travellers to stay humble. While on the road, emergencies and dire circumstances really do happen. And as you travel, you’ll learn to be more appreciative of the kindness of strangers met on the road.

  1. Solving real-life problems in real-time

In formal classrooms, problems are presented using multimedia. But if you avail of courses at CEA, you’ll be immersed in real-life problems through immersion in tribes, communities, and families. This gives you a more concrete understanding of problems, allowing you to create realistic solutions, not just theoretical ones.

  1. Appreciate different cultures and languages

One of the best opportunities you’ll enjoy if you study in another country or place is cultural exposure. Instead of just reading about the French, Spanish, or German culture, why not find a study tour and junior camp program that would allow you to really enjoy a short stay in those countries. Aside from getting up close with the people, you’ll also learn to speak their language. And what better way to impress your future employers than indicating in your resume your ability to small talk in 7 different languages.

  1. Learn different cuisines and their rich history.

Food trips and museum hopping are easily the best activities you can enjoy while on a short-stay for study tours in other countries. You’ll visit museums, landmarks, and historical sites to your heart’s content. You can create a journal with all your selfies and panoramic shots of landscapes. Meanwhile, you can prepare traditional foods with your new friends. You can learn to prepare Spanish or Australian cuisine from the locals, who can also educate you about the origins and inspirations behind the food.

  1. Develop confidence and independence.

Lastly, the courage of leaving your comfort zone is a huge reason enough to build your confidence. Not many people have the guts to travel. By studying abroad, you’ll also learn to rely on your own self.

With the technological advances today, travelling and learning can be done simultaneously. You just have to arrange and plan everything ahead of time. Are you now considering this option? If yes, the programs and resources at https://www.campus.com.au/ might be of help. You can send an email or call the office for your inquiries.

Post Author: Anna