Recycling bins for offices to optimize recycling in the workplace

Dreaming of making your workplace more eco-friendly? Having an efficient recycling system could help you with that and recycling bins for offices could play big roles.

After all, recycling is not just about reducing and reusing stuff in your place but also about properly contributing to recycling factories. Moreover, having an efficient system could encourage people in your establishment to participate as well.

recycling bins for offices

Remember that your employee’s cooperation is a vital point in coming up with any systems in your office.

Thus, knowing how to optimize such a system could help you with your eco-friendly goals.

What to remember in using recycling bins for offices for an efficient system

In using bins for your workplace recycling system, you should remember few points to optimize its efficiency:

Choose quality bins

Since you will be using them for a recycling system, it’s best to use bins made from recycled plastic. Make sure of its quality and buy some that are durable enough.

You wouldn’t want pests to easily bite through them or having unpleasant odours easily spreading out in the air.

Moreover, consider having recycling bins of different colours to encourage segregation. You can have blue for papers, yellow for plastic, and red for electronics among others.

You should not forget having some compost bins too, so you can have proper containers for biodegradable garbage.

Position the bins on optimal locations

You should place recycling bins for offices in all vital areas, like the kitchen, storage room, and even in the copy room. Having one main bin in the office area and one small bin for each desk is also great.

People tend to use bins properly if they are located nearby.

Dealing with contaminations

Recycling services usually don’t take contaminated recyclables such as plastics mixed with food garbage. Thus, remember to segregate them accordingly, and it’s best to wash plastic, bottles and some other hard recyclables before throwing.

Also, have one eco tumbler composter within your place, so you don’t have to mix biodegradables from recyclables.

Hauling or pulling trash away

Aside from planning the layout of recycling bins in your workplace, you should also have an efficient system to throw away recyclables. This is for them to reach appropriate recycling companies, and not directly to dumpsites.

Connect with recycling services who can collect recyclables from your company. You can opt to empty your bins into their trucks or use biodegradable rubbish bags as linings for your bins.

Of course, assign one or a few employees to manage the hauling process.

Maintenance and management

Remember to monitor your garbage regularly and improve the aspects that require attention. This is for you to finally come up with the best system for your company.

Moreover, distribute newsletters, flyers, emails and paste posters in your establishment to encourage your employees to remain eco-friendly. That could help them appreciate the system, making them willing to cooperate as well.

Start by buying the best recycling bins for offices, like those from and come up with the best recycling system your company could follow.

This could help you reach your dreams of making your office eco-friendly, by simply minimizing the trash you produce that goes directly to dumpsites.