5 Tips you can use for your first horseback riding lesson

Some people ride horses so well—like they were born on the saddle. But here’s a not so secret truth, even the best equestrian started as a beginner. If they can do it, so can you. You just need to take the first step and book yourself a riding lesson at http://www.sydneyhorse.com.au/. Click here http://www.sydneyhorse.com.au/

As a horseback riding beginner, you are not expected to know everything right away. But it would be better if you at least know some of the basics before you start your lessons.

Safety first

Wearing a safety helmet is non-negotiable. Your safety should be your top priority. Accidents can happen in an instant, as horses are easily spooked. And at that moment, you need to be prepared. So, never skip this part—even if your horse is very gentle and calm. Even advanced riders should wear safety helmets.

Wear proper horse riding gear

Whether you prefer the Western or English style of riding, one thing should remain the same: your outfit. Don’t come to your riding lesson wearing shorts, miniskirts, or beach sandals—for obvious reasons. If you do, the riding instructors at http://www.sydneyhorse.com.au/ will surely ask you to change your clothes.

Long pants and a pair of low-heeled boots are best when riding, but any close-toe shoes should work well enough to protect your feet from slipping through the stirrups. Additionally, avoid wearing scarves, purses, and other accessories that might get tangled in the saddle, trees, or even the horse.

Learn to walk before you gallop

Galloping on a horse is indeed an exhilarating experience. But it’s not as easy as how Hollywood makes it look like. Some horses have choppy gallops that will make you feel like you’ve been through the worst airplane turbulence you’ve ever experienced. So you should follow the natural order of learning how to ride a horse. First, you need to learn and get used to how to ride a walk, then a trot, and finally a run. Visit at Sydney Horse

Sit up straight and be confident

It’s no secret that horses have big personalities, and they can also be very mischievous. Horses can sense who the new riders are. They smell fear, and they’ll likely take advantage of it. They will try to scare you off by breaking out into a run. They may even try to unseat you. That’s why it’s important that you show them how confident you are. Sit up straight and don’t fidget. Show them who’s the boss right away.

Keep your eyes on the road

Yes. Your horse is magnificent. But don’t fix your eyes on him. You don’t put all your attention on your car’s hood while driving. Right? It’s the same with riding a horse. Keep your eyes fixed on the trail to avoid getting into an accident.

The tips listed above will help prepare you for your first riding lesson, but the best you can do is find yourself a good teacher. At Sydney Horse, they will not just teach you how to ride a horse. They will also show you how to look after horses. You can check the services they offer at http://www.sydneyhorse.com.au/.


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